Enabling Cross-Domain Browser Tests

Test compositions that use WebUI/Ajax clips that utilize URLs from more than one domain, or that hit URLs requiring persmission, require some additional configuration steps to succeed.

These steps include:

  • Selecting a cross-domain option for browser playback in the relevant target(s)
  • Ensuring that the CloudTest Conductor in use in the test has multi-window support enabled.
Note: This is often first noticed when CloudTest has already successfully recorded the browser actions in a test clip, but when played back the clip produces a "Transport Error" in the composition such as the one shown on the right. Multi-Window support in CloudTest Conductor is enabled by default but this setting should be checked whenever the Transport Error shown below is encountered:

Error reported from Conductor: Name's conductor running Firefox: Coordinator fault: 'Conductor exception: Permission denied to get property Location.href (com.soasta.com.exceptions.Conductor.Exception)' (Conductor fault, operation: "performRemoteAction".)