Remixing the Ramp Plan

You can remix the ramp plan by using a per-Distribution fader or the master-fader.

  • Changes to the master affect all of the Distributions of Tracks shown.
  • Adjust faders in the controller to automatically preview their potential impact. The new "goal" is presented in the upper right as well as in the Master fader.

For more about Ramp Settings, refer to Defining Ramps for a Track or Timed Clip.

In order to take manual control of a test composition,add the Virtual User Ramp Controller widget to a dashboard. As with any settings, the ramp plan settings that exist at runtime are automatically executed during composition play.

To begin in the dashboard, add the Virtual User Ramp Controller.

  1. Right-click the composition's latest result in the Central > Compositions list.

    < img src="" border="0" alt="Virtual User Ramp Controller" />

  2. If necessary, create a new dashboard for the Virtual User Ramp Controller. Choose "Fit Width and Scroll" for the dashboard layout with 1 column and one row (as shown below). Finish dashboard creation after making layout selection.

How to

  1. In the dashboard, click the Toggle Widget Selection Panel icon to on.
  2. Expand the Widget Selection Panel, Widget Type, Basic section and then drag and drop the Virtual User Ramp Controller into place.

What you should see

The Virtual User Ramp Controller widget appears in the dashboard.

  • Perform the desired ramp modifications by using Master or by individually controlling a Track (and its Distributions) or a Distribution (within a given Track), using any of the following methods:
  • To manually control Time and VUs drag the goal's "handle" to the VU level and to the desired time on the timeline.

Note that whatever the method of control, the upper right section depicts the impact of this change before apply. Ramp Mode in the lower right is still set to Automatic before apply is clicked.

  • To manually control all the Tracks/Distributions as one, you can also adjust the Master fader accordingly.
  • To manually control one or more Tracks/Distributions, enable each fader and adjust it accordingly. As with the Master fader, setting a Track's fader will also be depicted in the upper right before apply.
    • Click Apply Ramp Changes to exit Automatic mode and enter Manual mode. Once this is done, the composition is explicitly under the user's control.
    • Click Reset Ramp Changes to abandon the changes and remain in Automatic mode without changes to the composition's ramp settings.