Using the Locator Tool

The Locator Tool is available for any action that has a Locator parameter.

The Locator Tool will appear in a disabled state after the parameter input for the selected parameter:

  • Click the Locator button to enable it

It will then appear in the enabled state until you select something in the Web page.

  • While the Locator Tool is enabled, moving the mouse over the Web page being tested will highlight elements in the page with an orange border.

  • Move the mouse over the desired element in the Web page being tested to select it for locating.
  • When the orange border appears, click the mouse.

If the tool found more than one way to locate the element, the parameter input will become a drop-down with all of the choices of locator as options.

Choose the locator option that you want to use. If you want to use one of the choices, but you need to edit it, first select it in the drop-down menu and then press the Esc key. The option will appear in an input that you can then edit.