Adding a Property Set to an Action

How to

  1. IIn the Expanded view, use the mouse to hover over the clip element. or in the lower panel, click the Property Sets

    The Clip Editor, List view for an expanded action (or one of its accessors), corresponds to the lower panel for the same action. If no property sets are attached to the expanded selection, then no property set has been added.
    • Alternately, to open an action in the lower panel, select and then double-click it.
  2. Click the Add toolbar, Property Set icon on the Add toolbar to add a new property set to the selected action in List view. When you do so, a new Property Sets form appears.The Command drop-down presents the list of available property sets to store. Select from among the available property sets or manually enter the property to set (i.e. clipProperty).

  3. Where required, enter a Locator. To do so, first check the Locator drop-down to see if the locator was captured during recording or if to add a locator manually via the <Add New> item. Note that the Locator icon is only active while in record mode. After ruling out the first two options, enter Record mode and then use the Locator icon to repopulate the Locator list.
  4. To choose the Property whose value you want to set, click the Property Chooser button to the right of Property to set field.
  5. The Property Chooser dialog will appear. Create a new custom property or choose an existing property from those listed in the Property Chooser.

What you should see