Start Options

Parameter Description
username=USERNAME CloudTest user name
password=PASSWORD CloudTest password
url=URL CloudTest URL to connect
httpproxyhost=SERVER HTTP proxy server name (optional)
httpproxyport=PORT HTTP proxy port (optional)
name=NAME The name of the monitor to start. For example, name="/My Monitor"
type=TYPE The type of object for which to start a monitor. Valid types are composition or playlist . If the 'type' option is omitted, then composition is assumed.
wait=[yes|no] Specify whether to wait for the object to finish playing. If the 'wait' option is omitted, then 'no' is assumed.

For example, to start a Monitor from the command line, use the start command with the parameter type=monitor :

scommand cmd=start url= http:// <CloudTestURL>/concerto username=bob password=secret type=monitor name="/My Monitor"

If the Monitor starts successfully, scommand will output an instance ID that will be used to stop the Monitor later on. For example:

The monitor '/My Monitor' was loaded successfully, with instance ID '7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff4'. The monitor has started.

In this example, you would stop the Monitor use the following command:

scommand cmd=stop url= http:// <CloudTestURL> username=bob password=secret type=monitor instanceid="7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff4"