Section 1: Apache Ant

The Apache Ant class provided in SCommand:

has the attributes shown in the table below:

Attribute Description Required
type The type of test object (either "composition" or "playlist") Yes
name The test object name
url The CloudTest URL
username The CloudTest user name
password The CloudTest password
waitforcompletion Set to "true" to block the build until the composition (or playlist) completes No, defaults to "false"
haltonfailure Set to "true" to stop the build process if the composition (or playlist) fails
failureproperty The name of a property to set if the composition (or playlist) fails. No
dir The directory in which to write test output. No, if missing then output is written to standard out.
format The output format to use. Possible values are "text", "xml", and "junitxml". The "junitxml" format is similar to the output produced by JUnit XML formatter, and is compatible with the Ant's JUnitReport task, as well as Hudson and Jenkins (see below). No, defaults to "text"
Note: The xml output will contain information about the evaluation of each SLA rule, if applicable.