Conductor Troubleshooting (Windows)

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Conductor Best PracticesWhen installing the conductor for recording ensure you do not check the box for “Install conductor as a Service”

It is required as a service if you are installing as a system monitor.

Troubleshooting StepsCheck what current state of the conductor is from the system tray Icon. These can be:
Grey – Stopped

Amber – Started (Idle)

Green – Recording

No Tray IconStart the conductor

Start -> All Programs -> ‘CloudTest Conductor’

Grey ActionsRight Click -> Select Start

If you see:

Check the CloudTest Instance is up and available.

Check configuration settings match the instance you want to connect to (with CloudTest Lite your IP may change dependent on network settings selected).

Amber ActionsIf you see amber this means the conductor is ready, and as such should be visible in CloudTest.

If it isn’t open setup:

Right Click -> Select Configure

In setup you should check the CloudTest URL is set to the right instance.

If you are still not able to see the conductor, try to change the conductor name in the same configuration window. This will re-register the conductor to CloudTest.

If all else fails
Turn on Debug in conductor log1) Find the file inside the Conductor installation directory. On Windows 7 this would be C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudTest Conductor

2) Edit the file and append the following lines:

Note: Please use notepade.exe on Windows to edit this file. Using Microsoft Word can sometimes insert unnecessary characters.

3) Save the file and then try to start the conductor again checking contents of the conductor.log file.

Right Click -> Select View log contents

Common Errors

2012-11-07 10:47:40,737 ERROR [Conductor Executor Thread] [e] Failed to start Conductor. C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\txfebyi5.default\user.js.bak.20121105040406 (The system cannot find the file specified)


Delete file: %TMP%\Conductor.proxies.dat


ERROR [Conductor Executor Thread] [d] Could not connect to the Coordinator Service.
com.soasta.common.exceptions.ConductorException:...Can't find dependent libraries


In this case ensure WinPcap is installed. This will be available in the the CloudTest conductor directory (likely – C:\Program Files\x86\CloudTest Conductor)