To define repeat properties on a track or test clip using Repeat By, For Each, or While)

The following instructions detail how to set For each, While, or Repeat By (By Property) on a test clip or track.

How to

  1. Select the track or test clip.
  2. Right-click the Repeat icon and then select Edit Properties.

What you should see

In either case, the test composition’s Properties tab is selected in the sub-pane below with the track or clip selected in the Properties list and the Repeat tab selected on the right.

Note: Custom Properties can be defined for the track or clip while it is selected in the Properties list by clicking the Custom Properties tab in the sub-pane. To set clip properties, return to the Clip Editor and use the Properties tab > Clip Custom Properties node in the properties list.

Once the Repeat Type is selected, click the Property Chooser icon to specify the path for the given property. When you do so the Property Chooser dialog appears for you to make your selection.