Add or Remove Dashboards

Each composition can have one or more dashboards arranged in any of the given layouts. In the example on the right there are two dashboards, Performance and Error Analysis.

  • Additional dashboards can be added by clicking the Plus sign (+) to the right of the last added dashboard on the title bar. When you do so, the Dashboard wizard appears.
  • To remove a dashboard from a test composition, simply click its Close icon to the right of the dashboard name in Composition Editor > Play tab (or Results tab).

CloudTest provides a number of default System Dashboards, as well as a large selection of widgets categorized by type. In CloudTest, you can click the Plus (+) tab in the dashboard to add a dashboard to a test composition. For example, the CloudTest Monitor Dashboard or the mPulse Globe Dashboard.

See Creating a New Dashboard for step-by-step instructions on dashboard creation.