Validations for Browser or App Actions

Validations are the technique used to verify that a test event occurs as expected. For example, text on a web site landing page after login or in a WebUI or mobile app after a view is loaded.

  • For browser and app actions, out-of-the-box validations can be added Clip Editor, List View (when an action is expanded) or via the lower panel wheever a given action is open in the Action Editor.

Out-of-the-box action validations range from simple true/false conditions such as verifyAlertNotPresent , which verifies that the action did not cause an alert to appear, to more complex conditions such as verifyTableCellText which verifies that a particular cell in a given table contains the specified text. A single message, browser action, or app action can have an unlimited number of validations.

Message and action validations consist of the selected command, the parameters of the selected command such as pattern matching, where applicable, and a failure action (represented by the "Errors should" field), as well as log messages that can optionally be customized.