Viewing Expanded Collections

In an expanded Page, the parent HTML page request (e.g. HTML Document) is shown to the left of the vertical bar. On the right of the bar, the static resources that the page uses are shown. If the clip was created from a recording, then its static resources are those that existed at that time.

As with chains in prior releases, items within collections can be reordered, added and subtracted using delete as well as clipboard operations. The addition of some elements is subject to restriction by collection type and clip element type.

Uncheck static to dynamically retrieve this page’s resources dynamically instead.

Note: Whenever a page is set to “dynamically” retrieve resources, the CSS resources included in the main HTML Document will also be retrieved. Pages will dynamically process the referred URLs and CSS files in any CSS file referred to by the main HTML Document of a page. To turn off the retrieval of CSS resources (beyond the first level), check the "Do not retrieve CSS resources" checkbox at the appropriate level.

Uncheck all resources to disable the page in all tests. This remains in effect until the resources are re-checked.