Specifying Maestro Locations and Play Options

Maestro is the CloudTest test engine, implemented as a massively multi-threaded service, which executes all or parts of a complex test composition. A single Maestro node is capable of sending and validating responses to thousands of HTTP messages per second. Each track in a given composition has a Location setting, which can also be termed a "Maestro Location." As such, Maestro locations are server locations.

Multiple Maestros can be combined to each execute parts of a large load test that can scale out to tens and hundreds of thousands of virtual users. Maestros can be geographically distributed and single test compositions can be geographically distributed while still producing a single integrated set of test results and analytics.

Multiple locations can distribute load among servers or geographic locations or networks. For example, some resources may only be available on certain servers or locations, requiring that a test connect separately to those resources. Or, the test itself may be to access and measure performance from specific geographic locations or networks.

Maestro servers can also be selected from the lower panel of the Composition Editor. Click the Properties tab in the lower toolbar to display the Composition Element tree. Navigate to the track whose Maestro you want to access, and single-click the name in the tree. In the right portion of the lower panel you will see the select control for the Maestro location.