Extracting Property Value from a Container after Play

Use the following steps to extract values from a container’s properties after it plays. This procedure uses the Clip Editor, Property Sets After tab for the given container.

How to

  1. Open the container in the Clip Editor lower panel by double-clicking it in the workspace. The Selected tab appears in the lower panel. For example, Selected: Login.
  2. Click the Property Sets After tab.
  3. Determine the property whose value will be extracted. For example, the wpLoginToken field in the Login nested clip.

  4. Click the Browse icon for the given property row. The Path dialog box appears.
  5. Navigate to the location of the property that you wish to set in the tree. Click the Custom tab if the replacement value is from a custom property. This would typically be a property in the outer container.

  6. Once the property is selected, click to insert it into the Path field in the Property Set.

    Note that the leftward green arrow becomes active when a Property Set is defined.

    Additionally, the Delete PropSet icon becomes active when a Property Set is defined, in case you wish to remove the Property Set action.

  7. Save the Clip after making any changes.