Run the Conductor Application

How to

The Conductor can be run directly from the unarchived folder on Mac OS X and Linux, but most users will prefer to copy it to a standard location used to store Applications.
  • For Linux: To run CloudTest Conductor from the Main Menu, open up the menu (or sub-menu) and click the application listed in the menu bar. To run Conductor from the command line, run it with "console" as an argument.
  • For Windows: Click Start Menu > All Programs > CloudTest Conductor > CloudTest Conductor
  • For Mac OS X: Go to Applications in Finder and double-click CloudTest Conductor (for Mac, enter the Admin password when prompted)
If you haven’t already done so, start the Conductor now using the preferred method for your operating system. The Conductor status box launches to indicate that the Conductor is running.

What you should see

The Conductor.log file contains information that may be pertinent to Technical Support. You can access this file via the View Log contents command in CloudTest Conductor for the given OS. Refer to Retrieving the Conductor Log for Support.

You can also verify the Conductor state when logged on to Concerto by navigating to Central list > Conductors.