Filtering Results by Date/Time

The Date/Time filter applies to CloudTest, TouchTest, and mPulse equally.

Refer to mPulse Analytics: Time Windows for more about using the Date/Time filter in beacon-based dashboards.

For date/time, select either a pre-configured moving time window such as Last 24 Hours

Date/Time Operators

  • Dashboard result time – Filter the result by the specified time zone

  • Today – Filter is set to the current calendar date
  • On– Filter is set to the specified calendar date

  • This week – Filter by the current calendar week that is underway
  • This month – Filter by the current calendar month that is underway
  • Last - Filter by the specified "Last" range. When this option is selected, the Time Selector Control appears.
Tip: The meaning of "Last X" will depend on the dashboard setting for the Time Format attribute. In this setting, the user can choose between absolute and relative time. For example, if Last 5 Minutes is defined using Date/Time, it can mean either the last 5 minutes from now (absolute time format option) or the last 5 minutes of the test (relative time format option).

Use the Slider to specify a moving time window of the given length. To set the value for Last, toggle between Current Time and Date/Time and select between the time windows orfrom among Dashboard result time, On, Between (e.g. to specify a time range).

  • For Current Time, the current selection is indicated in the bottom row (e.g. Previous 60 minutes).
  • For Date/Time, use a pre-configured moving time window, use a different time format (i.e., On) or create a custom time window.

Or, select "Between" to define a custom time window to filter by.

  • Between – Filter by the defined time window using the Time Selector Control (one each for start and end). You can also set a 'Between' time range by choosing 'Last', 'Date/Time', and then between (as shown above).

Tip: To ensure that your Date/Time filter is added to the Dashboard filter toolbar, check "Display filter toolbar" as you have always done.

Once defined and added to the filter toolbar, your Date/Time filter can be modified and/or redefined from the toolbar using the Time Selector Control.

This control is the same whether utilized from the lower panel (during initial setup of a custom dashboard) or from the dashboard filter toolbar.