DNS Lookup Considerations

Testers should consider the following when using DNS lookups at either the target- or clip-level:

  • With Clip Repeat on - There will be one DNS lookup per Clip performed by Maestro, after which, Maestro will then use the clip's DNS cache period (thus simulating browser caching) fo 30 minutes before going back to Maestro.
  • With Parallel Repeats on – DNS lookup per Clip by Maestro occurs each time (but see below)
  • Maestro refreshes its DNS entries every 20 seconds. For example, when the first request comes in for a first lookup (a.foo.com) a new user requesting a.foo.com will only result in a DNS looup if the lapsed time is > 20 seconds from the last lookup.

In CloudTest, DNS lookups are performed for each name server untill all have been tried. If a DNS timeout error is encountered, this means that each name server was tried (e.g., presuming there actually were multiple).

Note: Disable this setting when testing behind the firewall, since IP addresses do not usually change during the course of a Composition. Also, by default it requires access to one or more public root name servers.