Setting Mobile Monitoring Preferences

Composition-level mobile monitoring is enabled by default, and uses the "default monitor." Mobile monitoring can be toggled on/off by using the composition’s Monitoring properties tab. Mobile monitor settings are on the right of the Composition Editor lower panel, Monitoring tab.

Select a custom monitor by selecting Use a different monitor. Then, select the listed custom monitor.

Tip: Mobile monitors can be manually created or revised using the monitor wizard (Central > Monitors).
Device Agents are listed as Resources Available for Monitoring in the Monitoring Server Group creation process.

Multiple devices in a test can be monitored by defining a group to use the Device Agent resource (shown right).

In CloudTest, a Monitor Server Group defines the hardware or software end-point that will be monitored—if "Device Agents" is checked that end-point corresponds to a specific mobile device (or set of mobile devices).

Those devices in a group are specified via the Hosts/Device Agents page in the wizard. Check or uncheck the given device(s) in the Device Agents list to include them in this group.

Note: Monitor Server Groups and an accompanying monitor instance are created along with the Device Agent with default resource selection that monitors the mobile battery, CPU, memory, network bytes received and bytes sent.