Creating a Network Emulation Profile

The steps below explain how to add new Network Emulation Profiles. You can always skip to the next section, Built-in Network Emulation Profiles, and use a built-in profile as is or build upon it.

Note: Network Emulation will apply on top of the physical network conditions that CloudTest runs. The conditions of your physical network impact network emulation. For example, network emulation can’t simulate a connection faster than your physical network connection.

How to

  1. Log into your CloudTest instance, click Network Emulation Profiles in the Central tab, and select create new.
  2. Name and add a Description (optional) of the network emulation you want to create.

  3. Select a Network Type with a connection type. Choose a custom network type or choose between the following network types:
    • WiFi
    • 2G
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • DSL
    • Cable
  4. To correspond with your Network Type, choose a custom connection speed or choose between a:
    • Good Connection
    • Average Connection
    • Poor Connection