Property Sets in the Composition Editor

CloudTest provides a means to override the Custom and System Property values of the Clips used in a Composition using the Property Sets tab found in a given clip's properties.


For any Clip used in any Track in the Composition, the Property Sets tab allows you to set the value of any Custom or System Property anywhere within that Clip before play of the Composition is started. This allows you to control or change the behavior of the Clip in this particular Composition.

For example, the Clip may contain an item inside of it that repeats according to the value of a Custom Property. Or, the Clip may substitute the value of a Custom Property into a Message. Using this new feature, you can initialize the values of those Custom Properties differently for each Composition in which that Clip is used, causing the item to repeat a different number of times when the Clip is used in different Compositions, or causing a different value to be substituted into the Message when the Clip is used in different Compositions.

As another example, by changing a System Property of a Clip’s Target, you may cause the Messages in the Clip to be sent to a different host when the Clip is used in different Compositions.

The Property Sets tabs are divided into two lists. The top list is prepopulated with the Custom Properties that exist directly in the Clip. This is for convenience, as these are the properties that are most often used for these purposes.

However, any Custom or System Property anywhere within the Clip and its children at any level may be used. This can be done in the bottom list by specifying a path to the property of interest.

The left side specifies the property being set, and the right side specifies the override value that is being set.

Value Type Icons in the Property Set Tab(s)

Each row in each list contains a Value Type icon:

  • - Constant icon

Indicates the constant (on the right side) to which a property is being set.

  • - Custom Property icon

Indicates that a Custom Property is being set.

  • - System Property icon

Indicates that a Custom Property is being set.

Property Overrides in the Composition Editor

The Composition Editor’s Property Sets tab appears at the clip level for each clip in a Composition. The Properties list on the left now stops at the clip level and no longer shows targets, which now appear in the Path dialog box that appears whenever the Browse (…) icon is clicked.

The Properties shown pertain to the clip selected in the Properties list on the left, in this case, SOASTA Store Post Forum Topic.

The clip’s Included Targets are now presented within the Path dialog box whenever the Browse (…) icon for a given property or empty row is clicked. All the current property paths for a given clip and its children can be overridden and existing system or custom properties can be selected.

The Other Property Sets list is used to set the value of a custom or system property of a child object such as a target, nested clip or other container, down to the message/action level.

Setting a System Property in a Clip

  1. In the Composition Editor, open the Property Sets tab for the clip.

  2. If the property is already listed in Other Property Sets, and an override value will be used, enter that constant value (shown below).

    • If the property is listed and it will be set from another property, click the Browse icon.

  • If the property is not listed, click the Browse icon.

Locate the system property whose value will be set.

  1. Click OK. The path to the System Property is inserted into the Path field.

  2. Enter the constant or the path to the other property, according to how the property’s value is to be set.

  3. Save the clip after making any changes.