Multiple Default Dashboards

As of CloudTest 56 and mPulse 56, you benefit from the customization of multiple default dashboards at the user-level and tenant-level.

For tenant-level dashboards, administrators can define company-specific dashboards that users will see when they first log in. For example, a company may have specific metrics they want everyone to be aware of, like the Showcase dashboard. This dashboard can be set as the default, so users will see it when they first log in.

For multiple default dashboards, users can set more than one dashboard as a default to open when they first log in. You have the following user-level examples:

  • The operations team can set the DevOps dashboard.
  • The marketing team can set the Performance versus Engagement dashboard and the Summary dashboard.

Users can quickly have all these dashboards open at login instead of having to individually open them all, which can be time consuming.