Upgrade to CloudTest Lite 54 on Mac OS X (Command-Line Instructions)

The following additional steps are performed after un-zipping the new CloudTest Lite (CTL) 54 VM. Before beginning, verify the location of your CloudTest Lite VM(s) by selecting it in VMWare's Virtual Machines Library list, and right clicking to use Show In Finder.

Note: The Virtual Machines.localized directory is only present if your VMs are in their default location. Omit that folder if your CloudTest Lite VM is in a different location.

How to

  1. Once your CloudTest Lite VM is located, open a new Terminal window on your Mac OS X desktop.
  2. Change into the CloudTest Lite VM package folder:
    • For the default location, enter the following command (e.g. by substituting the values in brackets): cd "/Users/[UserName]/Documents/ Virtual Machines.localized /CloudTest Lite.vmwarevm"
    • If your VM is in another location use: cd ~/[Custom Location folder]/CloudTest\ Lite.vmwarevm/
  3. Next, copy the data disk from the old VM to the new one.For example, if the default location that uses Virtual Machines.localized is in use, then this can be done by entering the following command in: cp Virtual\ Disk\ 2* ~/Downloads/CloudTest\ Lite\ 2.vmwarevm/
    • If both VMs are in the same folder, then the newly unarchived VM is named " CloudTest Lite 2.vmwarevm ". In which case, use the following Terminal command: cp -a Virtual\ Disk\ 2* ../CloudTest\ Lite\ 2.vmwarevm/

What you should see

After completing the above steps, start the CloudTest Lite 54 VM.