CloudTest Conductor Connectivity Options

In many corporate settings, a proxy server regulates traffic from one side of the corporate firewall to another. CloudTest Conductor supports both SOCKS and HTTP proxy servers. Conductor offers configuration options to specify CloudTest services installed in non-default locations, as well as to name specific CloudTest tenants.

There are two basic scenarios that require the use of Conductor proxy services:

  • CloudTest hosted environment with test sites inside a firewall:

    In this scenario, your organization is using the hosted edition of CloudTest, and your network configuration requires that you use a proxy to access our server. However, you might be creating HTTP(S) recordings, or WebUI tests, against web sites that are inside your network. For these internal sites, you may need to bypass the proxy.

  • CloudTest appliance inside firewall with test sites outside the firewall:

    In this scenario, CloudTest is inside the firewall, while test sites are outside the firewall. Additionally, there may be services such as Coordinator installed on additional machines. These must be specified, if so, and added to the bypass list if a corporate proxy is in use.

The CloudTest Conductor's Proxy Configuration section supports the following settings:

How to

  1. Do not use a proxy (this is the default)
  2. SOCKS Proxy Configuration
  3. HTTP Proxy Configuration
  4. Specify Web Service locations for CloudTest Coordinator URL and CloudTest Repository URL
  5. CloudTest Tenant