Random Button

Select the Random radio button (default) to set a random integer range using From: and To: fields as well as to provide an optional pattern (at the bottom of the form).

Note: The term “integer” is used here in the mathematical sense. The value is actually a Java long type.

You are required to provide the minimum and maximum values. Either can be positive or negative, but the minimum must be less than or equal to the maximum.


If this is given, the Custom Property’s value will be a string, rather than a number, and the string will be the number formatted as specified by the pattern. The standard Java object “DecimalFormat” is used to do the formatting, and any pattern accepted by that object can be used.

The Generated Values form will validate any entered pattern, and display the green check mark (shown above) to indicate a valid pattern. Note that if the pattern is played without this validation an error will appear when the Composition is played.