Target Info - General - DNS Options

The DNS Options section provides the ability to set a DNS server per target, and also to specify the lookup's Time to Live (TTL), in the Target Editor. DNS Options can be used in conjunction with HttpHostOverride settings for environments where load balancing architectures are in place.

  • DNS Server – Specify the URL for the Domain Name Server this target will use. This may be different than the target URL.
  • DNSMinTTL (seconds) - Sets the minimum amount of time that any DNS result will be cached. This setting can increase the amount of time that a result would normally be cached, if it is more than the TTL specified in an actual DNS result. If 0, then result caching will be disabled completely. If -1, then results will be cached up to the amount of time specified in the DNS result, with no minimum. This setting can be used to mimic the behavior of browsers such as Internet Explorer, which cache longer than the DNS result says to cache.
  • DNS Maximum TTL (seconds) – Specify the integer, in seconds, for the maximum time to live.

These settings are also seen in the Composition Editor when track properties are in display.