Create a New Playlist

  1. Select and right-click Central > Playlists. A context menu appears.
  1. Select New Playlist. A playlist is added to the list with the default name New Playlist and the entry field is highlighted.
  1. Type a new name for the playlist and press Enter.

If the playlist is not visible after doing so, click the arrow next to the Playlists icon until the playlist appears.

  1. To add test compositions to this playlist, first Select Central > Test Compositions, and then select one or more test compositions to drag and drop onto the playlist.

How to

  1. Drag and drop the selection onto the new playlist to populate the playlist.
  2. With the playlist selected, click the Play button on the toolbar, or right-click and select Play from the context menu.

What you should see

The playlist fires in the order of the items listed within it. As with completed results, the test is evaluated in terms of success or failure in the Player Status list.