Changing Monitoring

The Monitors associated with a test composition provide valuable feedback about the performance of the CloudTest machine, as well as ancillary servers, application servers, and databases.

Refer to Introduction to Monitoring. CloudTest provides default monitoring for a variety of resources.

To change which monitors start when playback of a test composition begins:

How to

  1. Click the Properties tab in the lower toolbar.
  2. Then, with Composition selected in the tree control, click the Monitoring tab. The defined monitors appear.
  3. Check those monitors you'd like to start with this test.

What you should see

Monitors defined via the Central list > Monitors node can be viewed from the Monitors list > View Analytics link or added to the dashboards associated with the test composition.

Monitor widgets can be added to dashboards individually or grouped via the Monitor Container and viewed as a dashboard or contained within still other dashboards. The screenshot on the right shows the Monitor Summary for a multi-server environment.