Adding Widgets

Widgets are presented in the Widget Type section of the Widget Selection Panel (on the left) from where they can be easily dragged into position in dashboards. Click the arrow of any widget category to expand its contents. Widgets from monitors and external data sources are included here. Choose from among Basic, Charts, Containers, Custom, Logging, Maps, Monitor, and Utilities (formerly Monitoring Utilities) widgets. Any external data sources configured appear at the bottom of this list.

Add widgets to the dashboard by dragging them from the list to the workspace, combine or correlate widgets by dropping them onto other widgets. Selected widgets in the dashboard automatically scroll this list to that selection. For example, expand the Basic widget category by clicking its right arrow.

Note: In the case of adding monitor widgets, first select the monitor from the Monitors section and optionally specify an Aggregation Level.

Place the mouse cursor over the widget to add, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the widget to a column in the dashboard workspace.

For more information about adding widgets to dashboards, see