Correlate a Monitor with a Monitor

It is possible to correlate monitor data to monitor data that is present on a dashboard, and where the data can be combined or correlated. Refer to Creating Monitoring Server Groups and/or Creating Monitoring Server Groups for full server and monitor configuration. CloudTest provides out-of-the-box Default Monitoring of CloudTest Environment for many resources.

How to

  1. From within a dashboard, locate two monitor widgets. For example, two input/output charts, IO Kbytes Read and IO Kbytes Sent.
  2. If Dashboard Edit Mode is active, toggle it off.
  3. Place the mouse cursor over the title bar of the first widget until the drag icon appears.
  4. Drag the widget onto widget two until the Drop icon appears. If the Combine/Correlate buttons do not appear, the two charts cannot be combined.
  5. Once the widget is successfully dropped onto the second widget, choose Correlate. The widget is created with the default title Widget 1 over Widget 2 and the results are correlated.