Aggregate Tables for Monitors and New Aggregate Monitor Charts

Aggregate tables for monitors present both aggregate and detail information using powerful filtering options. Aggregate information results from Monitoring Server Groups, while detail information results from specific Monitoring Servers.

Aggregate filtering can produce valuable comparisons and contrasts to detail charts when used on the same dashboard.

Select either a Single Resource from Result or Single Resource from Monitor when adding a widget, and then select a defined monitor and resource on it. Finally, to filter for aggregate data (single- or multi-select from Groups for aggregate data), while for detail data use Servers or defined hosts.

An Aggregate monitor chart, CPU Percentage, shows average CPU usage for the aggregated period.

When defining a Single Resource for Result you can select aggregated data (All Monitoring Server Groups) or detail data (All Monitoring Servers or hosts).

Selecting host-level detail (by selecting two hosts as shown below) produces a very different chart than the aggregate chart above. For related monitor settings, refer to the General tab settings for Aggregate Duration and Detail Data Retention Period to set a time period.