1. Setup Metric in Dynatrace

You must set up a specific metric in Dynatrace where CloudTest will retrieve data. In addition, you must ensure that any filters on the Dynatrace dashboard are disabled so CloudTest can query any time range.

How to

  1. Log into your Dynatrace instance, right-click and select Configure Series.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the Select a Measure window, navigate to System Monitoring > Host Performance > CPU Total Time (for example).
  4. In the Select Measure Splitting menu, choose Agent Host (i.e. CloudTest).
  5. Click Add. Once you add a "measure," it will appear under the Measure list (as you can see in step 6 below).

  6. Click OK.

What you should see

Note: If you require any more details on setting up a Dynatrace Dashboard, please visit the Dynatrace documentation website.