Conductor proxy configuration on an iPhone

To configure an iPhone to use a Conductor as a proxy:

How to

  1. In Settings, Ensure that WiFi is set to "On" (you may want to put the iPhone in Airplane mode and just enable wifi).
  2. Select the blue arrow to the right of the WiFi where the Conductor is installed. The Wi-Fi Networks > <network name> page appears.
  3. Scroll down to the HTTP Proxy section and click the Manual tab.
  4. Enter the IP address of the Conductor proxy server machine. For example, : On Mac, you can look at the Info tab in "Network Utility" to determine your IP.
  5. Enter the Conductor proxy port. The default is 4440. If the Conductor was installed with another port, enter that port number instead. You can check Conductor Preferences "HTTPS recording port" to determine port.
  6. Install the .cer file (Changing CloudTest Conductor) to enable HTTPs recording. You will need to unzip the zip file first. The .cer file is installed by accessing the .cer file in a browser or email on the iPhone device itself. The iPhone will walk you through installing it on the device.
  7. Start the recording in CloudTest. You should see protocol traffic recorded.