Regular Expression Support in CloudTest

Regular expressions within CloudTest's user interface (e.g. Session Templates, Include/Exclude of Page Resources, and Property Sets within the Message Editor in the Clip Editor lower panel) are Java expressions. Regular expressions within a script (via the RegExp object or the /pattern/ notation) are JavaScript regular expressions. These regular expression versions differ in important ways (JavaScript’s has less features than Java). The two are not interchangeable, so expressions cannot be copied from a script to an include/exclude for pages, to a session template, or to a PropSet or vice versa.

Java regular Expressions can be built by selection of strings before and after the string to parse within CloudTest session templates via the SubString Parser of the Session Template Package Wizard. Refer to Creating a Regular Expression Using the SubString Parser.

Refer to the Mozilla Regular Expression documentation for more information about regular expressions in JavaScript. Refer to the java.util.regex documentation for details about regular expressions in Java.