Setting Scopes in Test Compositions

CloudTest provides the ability to set scope on the surface of objects in the repository, including bands, tracks, test clips, as well as for all clip elements (messages, browser actions, delays, checkpoints, scripts, and chains).

Setting scope defines whether an item is private, public, or local. An item's scope determines whether information about an item can be accessed from outside of that item. What information that may be depends upon the item itself.

  • Private means the item’s information cannot be accessed from the outside
  • Local means that an item’s information can be accessed only by other items within the same parent container, for example, a local Message can only be accessed by other items within the same Clip
  • Public means the item’s information can be accessed from anywhere.
Scope can be set for a selected object by applying Public, Private, or Local from the Etc. drop-down menu.

For example, for a message the information at stake in scope includes the request to be sent and the response received. For a target, scope includes System Properties such as the URL. For a Delay it includes the System Property that specifies the length of the Delay.