Matches the file extension in the request URL. This particular match type is not case sensitive; that is, listing “gif ” as the extension to match will also match extensions “GIF” “Gif ” “giF” etc.

The following example metadata revalidates all files with the extension .exe.

<match:ext value="exe">

The value argument accepts a space-separated list of strings that are the file extensions to match. Again, this match is not case sensitive.

Note that this match is applied correctly in cases where the request URL includes a query string. Given the example above, http://www.example.com/sample.exe?id=375 would match the extension “exe”. The extension is everything between the final dot (.) in the last path segment and the end of the URL, the beginning of the query string (if present), or beginning of parameters (if present). Parameters are separated from the extension by a semicolon (;) and may contain variable=value settings.