Fast Purge

Fast Purge is a web interface available in Control Center that allows you to forcibly refresh or remove objects in cache. Fast Purge provides the option of using invalidation-based or removal-based refresh. See Removal-based and Invalidation-based for a discussion of the differences between these two methods.

Fast Purge is available for most objects delivered through the edge network that are accessed using the http or https protocols. To purge streaming content, use the Purge HD Content application in Control Center.

Requests are propagated through the edge network, and most removals are completed within 5 seconds of the request. One limit is that the total size of objects submitted for Purge requests should contain no more than about 50,000 bytes. If you receive a “413 Request Entity Too Large” error, split your objects into multiple requests and try again. See Fast Purge API documentation for more details on limits and rate limiting.