This match type matches on the format of the request ARL. The syntax for this tag is:

<match:arltype value="v1-arl">

Possible values are “v1-arl”, “transparent”, “prepend”.

v1-arl – applies to any ARL that uses Typecodes. These are ARL’s used by the

The content delivery network service generally looks like this example:

prepend – applies to ARL's that use an ARL token but not a Typecode. The ARL token is generally the same as the hostname in the Absolute URL portion of an ARL. When it is an ARL token, this field can be any string; it doesn’t have to conform to the format of a hostname.

transparent – is any ARL (actually a URL) that isn't one of the other two. It is called “transparent” because it generally looks like a simple URL. This is the format generally used with edge server configurations.


The following metadata revalidate any requests that come in the form of a v1-ARL.

<match:arltype value="v1-arl">