About Legacy ECCU Data Fields

When you enter the refresh instructions, you use the following data:
  • Name (optional)

    The Name is for your convenience should you later want to refresh content using the same criteria. It’s a note to yourself or your coworkers. For example, “logo images cleanup” or “test directories cleanup.”

  • Digital Property Name, Type, and Match (presence or absence of “*”)

    Select the Digital Property Name(s) you want to work on. You can select up to 20 names.

    The Property Type (ARL Token or Host Header) is at the right of the name. If the property is an inexact match, it is preceded by a wildcard asterisk, as in “*.example.com”. Exact matches show no wildcard, as in “www.example.com”.

Note: The digital property name, type, and match, are described in About Digital Properties.
  • Directory

    To specify the root directory, use “/” by itself, and in any case, the path should start with a “/”. Note that if the match is inexact, the match is for any root directory matching the property name. For example, if the property is *.example.com, and you use / for the directory, you’re giving instructions to refresh everything under test.example.com/, www2.example.com, another.example.com/, and so forth. However, this would not match new-example.com.

    When you specify a directory, its subdirectories are automatically included.

    Don’t use wildcard characters (? *), dots (.), commas (,) or semi-colons (;).

  • Files to Refresh
    You can choose to refresh all files in the directory, or you can specify the file extensions to refresh. If you choose to refresh by extension:
    • Don’t use dots, wildcard characters, commas or semi-colons (. * ? , ;) in the extensions. That is, “gif ” is OK, but the following are NOT OK: “.gif ”, “htm*” or “htm?”.
    • Case doesn’t matter: “GIF” is the same as “gif ”.
    • To enter a number of extensions, separate each by a space, for example, “gif jpeg jpg html htm tiff tif.”
  • Use the Following ECCU Files

    See information on the Digital Property and ECCU file structure in About Digital Properties.

  • Email (optional)

    If you want email notification when the request is processed, enter the email address you want notified.