A Summary Comparison of the Tools

To summarize the preceding discussion, this table lists the various interfaces that can be used to manually refresh cached content on the edge network. The interfaces are listed from top to bottom: the least complex at the top to the most flexible and functional but most complex to use, at the bottom.
Comparing and Contrasting Content Control Tools
Tool Description Advantages Disadvantages
Fast Purge
Fast Purge UI A Control Center application that allows you to specify objects to remove from cache, or to remove objects by CP code or cache tag. Easiest-to-use UI, quickest, removal-based or invalidation based. Must specify each object to be removed; For example, cannot specify a directory by wildcard.
Fast Purge API Same as the Fast Purge UI, but a REST API. You don’t have to log in to Control Center, and can set up your own interface. Same as the Fast Purge UI. Also, there is set up involved in using the API and, if desired, creating an additional interface.
Enhanced Content Control Utility (ECCU) A Control Center applications that allows you to specify refreshing objects by rules involving path and extensions. Easy to use rule-based UI. Provides for inclusion of sets of objects by directory or extension—not individual objects—to refresh by invalidation. Cannot specify individual objects. Requests persist in a purge.data file, replaced only by requests with more recent timestamps using the same matches.
ECCU complex purge criteria Using the ECCU UI, you can upload ECCU files containing rule-based instructions beyond path and extension. More flexible and complex than ECCU UI. Can fine tune refreshing based on request headers, request method, and other criteria. Need to create the ECCU file, get the syntax right, etc. More flexibility and power means more potential for errors. Uses the same purge.data file as the ECCU UI.
ECCU API A REST API that allows you to specify complex purge criteria. Provides essentially the same functionality as the ECCU file upload UI, since it provides for specifying complex purge criteria. But as a REST API, you can develop and use a local interface instead of using a browser to log in to Control Center. You need to set up to use the REST API; otherwise the same as ECCU file upload.

If you have further questions about content delivery and invalidation options please contact your account representative.