This section discusses some common issues that can arise when using Fast Purge. Most deal with small errors in entering the content removal request and are easily remedied. Use this information to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot a problem. If you are unable to diagnose or fix an issue, or need assistance with user names and passwords, please contact your account representative.

I am unable to access Fast Purge.

Control Center users must have tech or admin roles and must have the appropriate items in their contracts to access Fast Purge. If you have the appropriate role and line item and still cannot access the link, contact your account representative. If you do not have the appropriate role or line item and feel you should, contact your account representative for further discussion.

I get the error 'The utility is processing other requests at this time. Wait 60 seconds and try your request again.

You have exceeded the rate limits. See the Fast Purge API documentation for more information. Wait a minute to give some of your pending requests time to complete, then submit your request again.

I get the error message 'You entered an invalid cache tag' or 'One or more of your cache tags is invalid.'

One of the following issues exists:
  • The cache tags are not formatted correctly. You've uploaded an incompatible file format. Fast Purge accepts files in text format only. If you are uploading a file of ARLs to be removed, make sure the file is in text (.txt) format. Fix the errors and try to resubmit the request.

I get the error 'Your purge request is denied.'.

One of the following issues exists:
  • You are not authorized to remove these objects. You can only request removals of domains associated with your CP code by your account representative. Contact your account representative for further assistance.

I've submitted a purge request and waited 5 seconds but I'm still seeing old content.

One of the following issues exists:
  • Your browser could be caching old content. Clear the cache in your browser and check the images again.
  • Your origin servers could still contain old content. Make sure you replace old files with fresh content files on your origin servers before you make a content removal request. Otherwise, after the content is removed from the edge servers, the old content will get re-distributed. If you didn't change the old content on your origin servers, replace it now and re-request the content removal.
  • Your edge server configuration may be set to allow “Invalidation” but prohibit “Removal” (active purging) of some content.