Enhanced Content Control Utility

The Enhanced Content Control Utility (ECCU) is application on Control Center that allows you to specify the refreshing of cached objects through two ways:
  • You can use rules involving path and extensions that could be summarized as, “Refresh objects with this extension in this path.”
  • You can upload ECCU files, enabling you to specify more complex rules by which objects will be refreshed—not only path or extension, but also using criteria such as the contents of requests, cookies, CP codes, or other criteria.

ECCU uses an invalidation-based refresh method. That is, once it receives the refresh instructions, the cached instance is marked as invalid. The edge server receiving a client request for objects matching the particular path and extensions sends an If-Modified-Since—a conditional GET—to the origin. If it finds a newer version at the origin, it removes the existing cached instance and replaces it with the newer version fetched from the origin.