About CP codes

Content provider codes, or CP codes, identify a particular subset of traffic and content for billing, reporting, and monitoring it as we serve it over our network. The CP code effectively tags your content so our servers can identify what content belongs to which of your contracts and services. All traffic served through the network must be assigned to a CP code.

  • You create CP codes using a configuration tool like Property Manager. The assignment of traffic to a particular CP code is also done through the configuration tools.
  • In Property Manager, the CP code behavior (required) is used to assign traffic to a CP code. Property Manager also allows you to create a CP code directly from the same CP code behavior.

See the respective documentation for how to assign traffic to CP codes using other configuration tools such as Media Services Live, Front End Optimization, NetStorage, Kona DDOS Defender and Media Analytics.

Once created and assigned to traffic, CP codes are used in a number of different contexts, including:
The billing system uses the traffic reported on all CP codes. Each CP code is tied to a contract and a product/service with a particular billing rate. Bills can be further broken down by reporting groups (see About reporting groups).
Reports use the CP codes to select which traffic is included in the report.
Alerts are configured for a particular set of CP codes.
Log Delivery
Log Delivery is configured for each CP code.
NetStorage top level directories are tied to a CP code.
The Content Control Utility (CCU) can purge content by CP code.
SLA Management
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) tests are configured by CP code.

High water mark limits

CP codes and reporting groups have high water mark limits. You can only create up to a certain number of CP codes and reporting groups within your account.

These limits are enforced whether you use a configuration tool like Property Manager or a corresponding Open API like PAPI.

You can view the current status of reporting group usage within this tool. You can view the CP code limits from within the configuration tools where you create the CP codes. The status includes your current usage and how many are available (the upper limit).

Contact your account representative to request to have these limits increased.