About reporting groups

Reporting groups are used to group CP codes together for billing purposes. Without reporting groups, invoices as well as reports in the Billing Center are broken down by contracts and products only. Traffic from all CP codes tied to a contract and product is added up and used to calculate the total cost.

By adding CP codes to reporting groups, you can further breakdown your invoice. For instance, if you have 10 CP codes for 10 different websites on a contract, you can add 5 of them to Reporting Group 1 and the other 5 to Reporting Group 2. Your bill will then include the subtotals for each reporting group.

When a CP code is added to or removed from a reporting group, it affects the traffic going forward. If you add or modify a reporting group and want to see how it would affect your previous traffic, reach out to your account team to regenerate historical billing reports.

A reporting group is associated with a contract and can only contain CP codes from that contract, but each CP code can belong to multiple reporting groups.