Welcome to DataStream 2

Akamai's globally distributed network of servers has an unparalleled ability to capture performance logs at the edge. DataStream provides an ability to stream performance logs for your delivery properties to a selected data destination under low latency. Logs include delivery performance and health metrics to bring you nearly real-time visibility and enable monitoring, operations, and workflow decisions. DataStream makes it all available without any client integrations or SDKs.

DataStream 2 is optimized for high volume raw data delivery. We recommend using raw log data for basic traffic analysis and monitoring CDN health. In the event of issues related to third-party destinations, such as latency or connection problems, data will be lost after three failed retries to connect. You should take these limitations into account before using data served on your stream for audit, compliance and billing purposes. See DataStream use cases.

Here are the key benefits of using DataStream:

Low latency streaming

DataStream provides easy control over your streams and delivers live log data at low latency, under one minute. You can:
  • Create, edit, view, and delete stream configurations. DataStream adapts to configuration changes within an hour of the change.
  • Collect, bundle, and stream raw log records to a chosen destination at selected time windows.
  • Pause and stop log deliveries as required.
  • Monitor multiple properties in a data stream.
  • Monitor a property in multiple data streams.
  • Depending on the DataStream version, send your log data to one or more destinations.

Various destination types

DataStream 2 supports push mechanisms to upload logs to a customer owned destination. You can send your data to these destinations:

  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Storage
  • Datadog
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Splunk
  • Sumo Logic
  • custom HTTPS endpoint

Customizable data sets

DataStream provides control over what request-response cycle data you collect and send to your destination. You can:
  • Select parameters or aggregation metrics from predefined data sets.
  • Control the order of parameters in a log line.
  • Set delivery conditions for your log files.
  • Control aggregation time windows.
  • Enable logging custom parameters in your data streams.

Supported products

You can leverage log collection that DataStream provides with these products: