Select a destination for your logs

Set your data stream to push log data to a destination. You can also specify the name of the pushed files and how often to deliver them.

How to

  1. In the Delivery tab, select the Destination type where you want to send and store your data.
  2. Provide details for your destination. The fields to fill in differ depending on the destination type you select.
  3. In Delivery options, configure the delivery settings:
    1. In Filename, enter a custom prefix and suffix for the name of the log file uploaded to the destination. The system generates the rest of the name for you.
    2. In Push frequency, specify a time window for collecting log lines, either 30 or 60 seconds. After this time, the system bundles logs from each uploader and delivers them in a file to your destination.
  4. Click Next to continue to the Summary tab.

Next steps

You're almost done. You can now review the information you provided and activate your stream. See Review and activate a stream.