Activate or deactivate a stream

You can control receiving log data by activating and deactivating your streams in the DataStream application. For example, you may need to deactivate your stream when you’re implementing downstream changes, planning a roll-out, or witnessing an incident. You may also need to quickly activate a stream that you saved in an inactive state to start log deliveries.

Having all your streams at hand, you can easily control the flow of data without creating new versions of the property configuration to implement your changes. Changes you introduce in the DataStream application take about an hour to take effect across the Akamai platform.

How to

  1. Log in to Control Center using a User ID and Password that have access to DataStream.
  2. Go to > COMMON SERVICES > DataStream.
  3. On the DataStream page, find the stream that you want to manage, click from the Action column, and click Activate or Deactivate to turn it on or off.
    • indicates that the version is inactive on the production network.
    • indicates that the version is active on the production network.
    It may take up to 90 minutes for the changes to take effect on the Akamai platform.
    Note: By managing the stream’s activation status, you activate or deactivate collecting logs for all active properties associated with this stream.