Stream logs to a custom HTTPS endpoint

DataStream 2 supports sending logs to a secure HTTPS endpoint to allow on-premise software to receive and process logs.

For security reasons, DataStream 2 sends logs over TLS even if the endpoint’s policies allow insecure requests.

Depending on your choice, your stream can upload either uncompressed or gzip-compressed log files.

Before you begin

Before you use a custom HTTPS endpoint as a destination for your stream, you need to:

  • Deploy a dedicated HTTPS endpoint that supports URL token authentication.
  • Enable TLS transport for the endpoint to receive logs from the stream.
  • Optionally, configure an username or password in your custom endpoint. This applies if you want Basic authentication for log streaming.

How to

  1. In Destination, select Custom HTTPS.
  2. In Name, enter a human-readable description for the destination.
  3. In Endpoint URL, enter a secure URL where you want to send and store your logs.
    Note: Provide an endpoint URL that supports POST requests. If you want to choose Basic authentication, make sure your endpoint supports it.

    You should enter an URL that is not routed through the Akamai network and is not an IPv4 or IPv6 hostname.

  4. In Authentication, select:
    1. Basic if you want to authenticate log streaming to your custom destination. Provide the Username and Password you set in your custom HTTPS endpoint for authentication.
    2. None for no authentication.
  5. If you want to send compressed gzip files to your destination, check the Send compressed data box.
  6. Click Validate & Save to validate the connection to the destination and save the details you provided.