Edit a stream

The Stream management page provides a quick overview of your existing streams and destinations. From here you can turn a stream on or off, edit the list of delivery properties that it monitors, change the destination for your data, and update your data set.

Note: You can't edit streams that are in the process of activation or deactivation.

How to

  1. Go to > COMMON SERVICES > Log delivery > Real-time logs.
  2. On the Stream management page, locate the stream that you want to modify.
    Note: After a stream is deployed, you can’t change the stream type.
  3. Under Status, click the toggle to turn the stream on or off.
    The status indicator reflects the change.
    Note: When a stream is off, the applied data set isn’t active.
  4. Under Actions, select Edit.
    The Edit stream page appears.
  5. In Properties, update the list of delivery properties that you want to monitor in the stream.
    You can't select properties shared with the streams that are in the process of activation or deactivation. You can select these properties for the stream once these processes finish.
  6. To update the destination, select Edit under Actions.
    You can also add another destination or delete an unwanted destination.
  7. To change a stream data set, click Continue to Data sets and select the data sets you wish to see.
  8. Click Review.
    Your change appears under Configurations. You can discard the change or click Edit to make additional changes.
  9. Click Publish.
    The publishing process takes up to 40 minutes.
    Your change is saved and deployed to the edge servers.