Stream logs to a DataStream buffer

DataStream supports storing your stream's log data for up to 12 hours in a DataStream buffer. You can fetch your data with the DataStream pull API and ingest it into your preferred log analytics platform, such as Datadog or BiqQuery. This lets you set up real-time dashboards or alerts for constant, proactive mitigation of connectivity problems, service disruptions, and configuration-tuning complications.

You can enable several data sets for your platform to consume, such as response times from the edge, bytes transferred per second, and a breakdown of HTTP status codes. You can use these metrics to build sophisticated visualizations and alerts. For example, anomaly detection alerts that use past trends to reveal when request traffic deviates from normal levels.

You can also monitor the effectiveness of your caching setup with metrics on cache hits, cache misses, and the offload rate of your origin. Integrating your stream with a platform can help you troubleshoot issues behind the CDN by tracking the origin response time, or the latency in returning objects that Akamai requests from your origin infrastructure.

Note: You can configure only one DataStream buffer for a stream.

How to

  1. In Destination, select DataStream buffer.
  2. In Name, enter a human-readable description for the destination.
  3. Click Save.
    To start using the DataStream Pull API to fetch log data from a configured buffer destination, you need to wait around 10 minutes after activating the data stream on production.

Next steps

  • Configure the DataStream pull API. See DataStream pull API.
  • Learn how to integrate third-party solutions with data streams that store data in a DataStream buffer. See Pull integrations.