Welcome to DataStream 1

DataStream 1 is a reporting service that lets you monitor all request-response cycles delivered through the Akamai platform, and sends the transaction log data to one or more destinations. It provides real-time access to application activity data, including aggregated metrics on complete request-response cycles as well as origin response times.

DataStream 1 complements your existing application performance monitoring (APM) infrastructure by offering a secure, simple, and transparent point of integration for accessing data and applications delivered over the Akamai platform.

Attention: DataStream 1 now is an End of Sale (EOS) product. See the DataStream 1 Migration Guidance for details on DataStream 2 and how to migrate.

This feature helps simplify web application monitoring and includes applications deployed to cloud hosting providers and applications that leverage third-party services.

To integrate DataStream 1 API data feed with your existing APM tool set, use Property Manager to enable DataStream in your existing configuration and monitoring infrastructure.

DataStream 1 doesn’t require changes to your origin application code, networking infrastructure, or end-user device instrumentation.

Here are the key features of DataStream 1 and what challenges they can help you solve:
DataStream 1 features
Challenge DataStream 1 solution
Obtaining real-time data to check the health of your CDN DataStream 1 provides easy control over your streams and delivers live log data at low latency, under one minute. You can:
  • Create, edit, view, and delete stream configurations. DataStream 1 adapts to configuration changes within an hour of the change.
  • Collect, aggregate, and stream raw log records to chosen destinations at selected time windows.
  • Pause and stop log deliveries as required.
  • Monitor multiple properties in a data stream.
  • Monitor a property in multiple data streams.
  • Send your log data to one or more destinations.
Sending data to multiple destinations DataStream 1 supports a push mechanism to upload logs to multiple customer-owned destinations. You can send your log data to:
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Storage
  • Datadog
  • Sumo Logic
  • Splunk
  • Custom HTTPS endpoint
Storing and accessing data on demand without maintaining any endpoints or destinations DataStream 1 provides a buffer that you can use to store your logs and fetch them with the DataStream Pull API. You can:
  • Select a DataStream buffer as a destination. See Stream logs to a DataStream buffer.
  • Use the DataStream 1 Buffer Pull API to view data from the previous 12 hours.
  • Integrate web performance data directly into your existing reporting environment. See Pull integrations.
Granular control and over data fields monitored by a data stream DataStream 1 provides control over what request-response cycle data and metrics you collect and send to your destination or store in a DataStream 1 buffer. You can:
  • Select parameters or aggregation metrics from predefined data sets.
  • Control the order of parameters in a log line.
  • Set delivery conditions for your log files.
  • Control aggregation time windows.
  • Enable logging custom parameters in your data streams.
Aggregating log data on CDN performance DataStream 1 can deliver pre-aggregated metrics over a specific window of time. Unlike raw logs, this is meaningful, actionable data without requiring significant downstream processing at your end. You can:
  • Select aggregated metrics that your data stream sends to destinations or makes available with the Pull API. See Aggregated metrics data set.