Stream logs to Datadog

DataStream supports sending uncompressed logs to Datadog, a monitoring and analytics solution that allows you to see inside applications within your stack and aggregate the results. For security purposes DataStream always sends logs over TLS.

Before you begin

  • Register for a Datadog account. The place where you register your Datadog account, the United States (US) or the European Union (EU), changes endpoints you use when configuring Datadog as a destination in a data stream configuration. See Datadog site.
  • Identify the HTTPS endpoint in the corresponding hosting region your account is configured with. See Datadog log endpoints.
  • Generate a Datadog API key dedicated for a data stream. See Datadog API keys.

How to

  1. In Destination name, enter a human-readable description for the destination.
  2. In Destination type, select Datadog.
  3. In Datadog Cloud URL, enter the Datadog log endpoint where you want to send and store logs.
    For example,
  4. In Datadog API Key, enter the API key associated with your Datadog account.
  5. Click Save to save the details you provided.